Always Best Care, Healing Hands Share Keys to Hospital-at-Home Success for Private-Duty Agencies – Home Health Care News

When most people hear about hospital-at-home programs, they often picture ICU nurses and doctors running around their living room.

But while hospital-at-home models do rely on physicians and clinical staff, successful programs also leverage the expertise of private-duty home care agencies and their veteran caregivers.

In fact, when hospital-at-home models fail, it’s typically because a caregiver isn’t around to serve as “the eyes and ears” of the home.


“Advanced care in the home requires a complete, interdisciplinary approach,” Summer Napier, CEO and owner of Healing Hands Healthcare LLC, said Tuesday during a virtual event hosted by the National Association for Home Care & Hospice (NAHC). “I think that gets thrown around a lot, but I don’t think that [private-duty home care agencies] always realize they are part of that interdisciplinary team.”

Healing Hands Healthcare is a for-profit in-home care provider that serves nearly two dozen counties in Texas. Its offerings range from skilled nursing care and therapy services, to medical license social working and private-duty home care.

“You should have a seat at the table on every discussion,” Napier said, specifically speaking at the 2021 Winter Leadership Summit hosted by NAHC’s private-duty home care affiliate. 


Led by the likes of Johns Hopkins, Mount Sinai and others, active hospital-at-home programs have been around for years in the U.S. Logistical and reimbursement challenges meant they remained relatively few and far between until last