PECOS Medicare Review – Investopedia

Pros Explained

  • Centralizes provider enrollment process: PECOS creates a centralized repository of Medicare provider and supplier information. Though imperfect, this national data resource helps the government detect fraud and abuse.
  • Alternative to paper application process: Paper enrollment forms are still available, but PECOS offers providers and suppliers an online tool to apply to participate in Medicare and to update their information as needed. 

Cons Explained

  • Does not offer Medicare insurance plans: PECOS is an online system that CMS developed to enroll healthcare providers and suppliers who accept Medicare. It is not an insurance option for consumers looking for Medicare coverage. 
  • System weaknesses blamed for past overpayments: A 2016 Government Accountability Office (GAO) report showed PECOS weaknesses contributed to nearly $60 billion in Medicare overpayments. 

Available Plans

PECOS doesn’t offer Medicare insurance plans or services for consumers. It is not a separate company, but a system operated by CMS to enroll providers and suppliers into the Medicare program. It’s a national database to store provider and supplier information.