How To Check a Website for Vulnerabilities | eWEEK – eWeek

The internet is home to roughly 1.8 billion websites. Many of them have vulnerabilities that turn them into easy prey for cybercriminals. According to researchers’ recent findings, more than 56% of content management system (CMS) installations are out of date and hence susceptible to compromise. Another study says 19% of web applications running on websites are vulnerable.

In a global context, these stats translate to a gigantic attack surface.

Website vulnerability assessment 101

Broadly speaking, all websites in existence can be broken down into three overarching categories:

  • Hand-coded (manually written in HTML, created with a static site generator such as Jekyll, or designed using a web development tool such as Adobe Dreamweaver).
  • Created with website builders (for the most part, these are simple sites containing no databases and user interaction elements).
  • CMS-based (made with turnkey content management systems).

A one-of-a-kind CMS platform tailor-made for a specific site is a more exotic type. It is becoming increasingly obsolete these days due to high development costs few businesses can afford. That said, the vast majority of websites