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No one’s going to say there aren’t enough acronyms to describe software that produces, manages and publishes content. Let’s see, we’ve got, WCM, WEM, CMS, DXP, Agile CMS and CSPs. And now it looks like there may be a new acronym on the block

Meet the CXP, or Content Experience Platform. Aragon Research became the latest analyst firm to put a different spin on the content management software market we used to call Web Experience Management and Web Content Management.

What kinds of vendors are these? We’re not exactly sure yet.

Definition of Content Experience Platform

We do know what Aragon thinks CXP are, as noted in its February report on the rise of CXPs: “Content experience platforms are the next generation offering to address the age-old enterprise need for creating and delivering dynamic experiences to users on any device. Historically, this need has been met by web content management systems (WCM), which have undergone numerous transformations as they have evolved to address the shifting needs of the modern enterprise content pipeline, which needs to move beyond the static website model of the past.”

Aragon sees these platforms growing from $11 billion in 2019 to $28.8 billion in 2025. Here is what they consider the key components for a CXP:

  • Content generation: CXPs provide single-pane visibility and control over content-generation tools like Word documents,