A Deep Dive Into Crownpeak’s Acquisition of e-Spirit – CMSWire

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Crownpeak gets a stronger European partner and customer presence and better access to AI-powered personalization, search capabilities and ecommerce integrations with its acquisition of fellow digital experience platform (DXP) provider e-Spirit.

Ravi Kumaraswami, CEO of Denver-based Crownpeak, shared those thoughts with CMSWire in an interview following his company’s March 19 acquisition of Dortmund, Germany-based e-Spirit. Crownpeak has been criticized by analysts for a lack of presence in Europe, making e-Spirit, with its strong partner presence and technical chops in the region, the perfect fit he said. E-spirit was owned by German IT services group Adesso Group, which will still serve as a Crownpeak Premier Partner.

Why Another CMS Veteran Made Sense for Crownpeak

The merger also brings together veterans of the web content management software space with a combined 42 years on the books. Crownpeak, built on .NET technology, was founded in 2001; e-spirit, built on Java tech, came to life in 1999. They’ll now have 250 to 300 combined employees.

“Any technologies that we are going to buy needs to be really fast to implement, easy to use and focused on solving business problems and interconnecting it with other things,” Kumaraswami said. “And with e-Spirit, we basically got that, plus we fixed our partner and geography issues. We are North America-centric. We’ve got