Companies That Blast Out Digital Content Are Missing Out: An Interview With Matthew Baier – CMSWire

Matthew Baier, " “Being able to combine technologies and then use them beyond their original purpose opens up endless possibilities for brands to quickly and easily create connected experiences.”

Matthew Baier is a man of many hats — an astrophysicist by trade, a sommelier and a tech executive with an eye toward the latest innovations. Enterprise software is where he’s spent most of his career, with past roles at iconic tech companies including Salesforce, Oracle and Sun Microsystems. He’s helped found three companies with his fellow friends and innovators.

His latest venture has been headless content management system Contentstack — a product for enterprise customers that existed as part of a multi-product company until 2018, when interest in headless content management really took off. Then Baier and his partners spun off with Contentstack. He also serves on the advisory board for the MACH Alliance, a non-profit cooperation of technology companies helping enterprise organizations navigate the complex modern technology landscape.

Matthew Baier is the chief operating officer and chief marketing officer at Contentstack, a sponsor of CMSWire’s DXSummit Spring event taking place May 27 as an online event. Contentstack’s CEO, Neha Sampat, will deliver a keynote titled “Agile CMS: An API-First Approach for Content, Technology and Speed” during the event.

We spoke with this tech leader and self-proclaimed “Stephen Hawking fanboy” about how a smart CMS strategy can keep your organization agile, how the digital customer experience has shifted over the past