What Role Does Artificial Intelligence Play in Content Recommendations? – CMSWire

A robot reading amongst a great stack of books


Marketers see great potential value in using artificial intelligence (AI) to support the use case of recommending highly targeted content to users in real time. That use case scored the highest among 49 use cases presented to marketers in the 2021 State of Marketing AI report by Drift and the Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute. 

That use case scored a 3.96, putting it on the cusp of “high value” (4.0), with 5.0 being “transformative.” The AI marketing use cases that trailed in the top five include:

  • Adapt audience targeting based on behavior and lookalike analysis (3.92)
  • Measure return on investment by channel, campaign and overall (3.91)
  • Discover insights into top-performing content and campaigns (3.86)
  • Create data-driven content (3.82)

“Most websites you go to today for businesses, a human is writing the rules to say which content to recommend,” Paul Roetzer, CEO and founder of the Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute, told CMSWire in a CX Decoded Podcast. “What are the related articles? There is some basic tagging system for if they read this, then read that. Most of them are human-powered. They don’t have a Netflix or a Spotify type algorithm that’s actually learning preferences, knows the last 15 articles someone read, and how far along he got into them. It’s not pulling any other kind of behavioral