Cancer Love & Marriage Compatibility: Find out the best match for Cancer – Times of India

1) Cancer – Aries
Ganesha says Venus in Cancer continues to influence Aries’ seventh house, making this sign more emotionally and maritally congenial. As both couples desire improvement in their marriage, love for these signs is like an art. Aries is constantly up for starting something different and exploring, whereas Cancer is a quiet and grounded spouse, but their opposing personalities keep their partnership in check. Their compatibility in love and marriage remains strong in the long run. Although their physical interaction brings them closer together, their empathy for one another always comes first. Love and passion are still there in their lives, but the age disparity between them might have an impact on the relationship.
2) Cancer – Taurus
Taurus Cancer’s connection becomes tighter with each passing day due to their excellent chemistry. Taurus is drawn to Cancerians by their nature. Both zodiacs will need to be extra cautious in their approach when it comes to only certain situations. This pair has never had a problem with trustworthiness. Both zodiacs are equally ambitious, which binds them together.
3) Cancer – Gemini
In a love connection, Gemini and Cancer are like two persons attempting to pull themselves in different directions. Gemini and Cancer are not a suitable match since they have opposing viewpoints on even the tiniest of details. Cancerians are a touch too protective of their partners, whereas Geminis rely more on faith than on circumstances. In such a connection, improving things takes a long time.