BILLY F GIBBONS Explains ZZ TOP’s Enduring Global Appeal – “Simplicity At Its Most Difficult” –

BILLY F GIBBONS Explains ZZ TOP's Enduring Global Appeal - "Simplicity At Its Most Difficult"

ZZ Top vocalist / guitarist, Billy F Gibbons, recently released his new album Hardware, via Concord Records. Billy talks up the album in a new interview with, and also explains what it is about ZZ Top’s music that transcends to so many people around the globe in such a positive manner over the last fifty-plus years.

Says Gibbons: “I suspect it’s all about good times and gettin’ “gooder.” The propellent of getting to do what we get to do simply steady rolls, and that’s no lie. That’s the best. Simplicity at its most difficult.”

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Hardware features Gibbons supported by drummer Matt Sorum and guitarist Austin Hanks. It was was produced by Gibbons, who was assisted by Sorum, Mike Fiorentino and engineer Chad Shlosser.

Hardware was recorded at Escape in California’s high desert, 40km from Palm Springs, a facility described as an “outlet for artists, photographers, writers and filmmakers.”

“We holed up in the desert for a few weeks in the heat of the summer and that in itself was pretty intense,” says Gibbons. “To let off steam we just ‘let it rock’ and that’s what Hardware is really all about. For the most part, it’s a raging rocker but always mindful of the desert’s implicit mystery.