The 10 Best Website Builders Of 2021 – Forbes

To compile our list of best website builders, Forbes Advisor gathered thousands of data points on the top website builders—and their several plans—and categorized the data into five core categories and 43 subcategories.

We paid special attention to the pricing of the various plans; factors such as storage, bandwidth, tools, templates and mobile responsiveness; customer service; and user reviews. We also included an expert rating to account for qualitative things such as popularity and stand-out features or policies.

What’s a Mobile-Responsive Site?

A mobile-responsive site is one that automatically adjusts images, text and design elements to show up quickly and appropriately for a mobile phone. According to Google Analytics stats, more than 60% of traffic is mobile in the U.S., so it’s important that your site is mobile-responsive.

What is AMP?

To ensure your blog loads quickly on mobile devices, it should be AMP-optimized. AMP stands for accelerated mobile pages. It’s an effort by Google (and many more collaborators) to speed up mobile traffic to make the user experience better. If your website builder offers an AMP feature, use it! It’ll likely help you rank higher in search engines, but more importantly, it improves your site visitors’ experience on your site.

What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a popular e-commerce business that doesn’t require you to buy and stock inventory. You essentially “shop” for products you want to sell and put them in your online store. When someone purchases from you, they’ll pay the retail price you set, you pay the wholesale price,