INTERVIEW: Intel wants to make PCs the best platform to game — Here’s the plan – Business Insider India

  • Business Insider India spoke to Intel’s Marcus Kennedy about the company’s entry into the discrete graphics space.
  • Intel believes its scale and expertise will allow it to take on the existing leaders in the space.
  • We talked about consoles, the future of games, chip shortage and a lot more in the interview.

Microsoft and Intel are two names synonymous with personal computers (PCs) for all the 90s kids and adults. Even for enthusiast gamers, the only choice was Intel Pentium processors in the 90s, to Core 2 Duos in the mid-2000s, and now we have the 11th Gen Intel processors. The difference now is that Intel is not the only option to game on PCs.

To make ‘PC the best place to play’, Intel has ventured into the discrete graphics space. It has been hyping the Xe Graphics for about two years but the hopes are tied to the Intel Arc Alchemist GPU (graphics processing unit), which is said to cater to professional gamers. It’s technically the first proper discrete GPU after the Intel Xe DG1 that came earlier this year. To know more about what Intel’s gaming division is up to, Business Insider India spoke to Marcus Kennedy, general manager of gaming division, client computing group at Intel Corporation.