WATCH: CMS superintendent: Mask decision was student-based – Hot Springs Sentinel

Following this week’s decision by the Cutter Morning Star School Board to remove its mask mandate except for school buses, Superintendent Nancy Anderson said that while masks are a political issue, in the end, it comes down to doing what’s best for the students.

CMS has averaged roughly one to two active cases of COVID-19 over the past few weeks, which Anderson credits to the careful following of basic guideline protocols. She said the reason the board chose to keep the mandate in effect before was mainly because of state quarantine guidelines.

“We have been very fortunate at Cutter that we have not had a lot of positive cases,” she said. “So it was really the quarantine. I think, to date, we’re still high 30s, maybe 40 people — I’m talking about teachers and students, faculty and staff that have actually been positive. So we have very low numbers but we do have a lot of other things that we do on a normal basis and some that we’ve implemented since COVID started.”

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Anderson said Monday the district had zero positive cases of COVID-19 and zero quarantines.

“And then Tuesday, the day of the board meeting, we had one case,” she said. “But our numbers have been relatively low this entire time.”

No matter the grade level, Anderson said enforcing a mask mandate is not easy.

“It’s a struggle getting them